Naughty Nights Press and our authors have an amazing couple of weeks coming up and everyone concerned is busily organizing promotions, interviews, giveaways, and most importantly, letting the adult public know that they are amazing authors who have had some of the hottest, kinkiest books published.

Now, we would love to give you (the reader) a complete rundown of what is happening but all we can advise on are dates, where to look for some amazing offers and what is being released.

We strongly suggest that you go to the Naughty Nights Press blogs or on the following days and look for a rectangular button that will detail to you what is on offer.

29th August ~ For One Naughty Day Only

30th August – 1st September ~ Free for Three at ARe

31st August – Mystical Mayhem by Kiki Howell. Kiki once again brings a well developed tale of paranormal erotica that proves why she has been dubbed the Queen of the Underworld.

1st September – Blue Moon House by Angelica Dawson is released. A paranormal/BDSM erotic story that will thrill you, chill you and keep you hot in all the right places.

1st September – Campus Sexploits 3, a Naughty Nights Press anthology. This is the third installment of the Campus Sexploits anthologies series that deals with erotic college or university encounters. So, if you have already read and fell in lust with the first two, you are going to cream yourself with the third.

4th September ~ For One Naughty Day Only

13th September ~ For One Naughty Day Only

20th September ~ For One Naughty Day Only

Now for some more diary dates.
Naughty Nights Press invites you to check out the bi-monthly posts that will be starting as of the 10th September with Monday Madness and Mayhem on PRLog and if you miss this post you can then find it on Hump Day Delights on Naughty Nights Press (NNP) blogsites, see above for url’s.
Now, if for some reason you missed it on PRLog and the NNP blog sites, you can catch it again on Friday Fantasies at Blood, Lust and Erotica
These posts will let you know what is happening at NNP and as you can see, we are always super busy.

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If you are a writer and would like to submit your manuscript to NNP for consideration, then please check out the NNP eStore as there are links on the bottom left hand side that will take you to where all the important information can be found.

Go to the NNP blog for our latest submission calls.
Remember to read through the requirements carefully, as we do have the right to refuse any manuscripts that are not formatted as per our requirements or have not been edited sufficiently.

Our NNP blog also has a variety of authors who will be doing regular guest posts and that is definitely not something to miss.
Our authors will delight you with excerpts from their already published books, upcoming books and works in progress(WIP’s). They will also discuss things that they are passionate about, what annoys them, what thrills them and basically talk about themselves for a bit. So, if you have questions for the authors or wish to state your own opinion on their topic of choice, we do encourage you to visit.
They are not scary people, well okay, it is scary what some of them can come up with, but on a personal level they are all wonderful and approachable.

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