Angels vs Demons, good vs bad, naughty vs nice. These are all wonderful ways to describe the characters of erotic and paranormal stories. Combine the two genres together and you have one smoking hot story! (sorry the clichés are coming thick and fast today).
All of the books published by Naughty Nights Press have versions of angels and demons in them, as can be found in our paranormal erotic books like Reborn by Ana Hart, Whisper On A Scream by Cree Walker and most definitely The Vampire’s Witch by Kiki Howell, just to name a few.

But does that mean only paranormal erotica are able to have these two (or more) sexy, idyllic, breathtaking and diverse characters–hell no!

It doesn’t matter what genre of book you are talking about, there will always be the good guy and the bad guy.It is just in erotica, the good guy can be very, very bad in such a delicious and naughty way, while the bad guy can be extremely good and experienced in what they do.

Naughty Nights Press is not only participating in one blog hop but we are also having our own to celebrate our First Anniversary.

To mark the fact that we have been in business for twelve months, we are holding our contest for the blog hop between the 28th June through to the 7th July.


We are giving away thirteen (13) prizes. They are as follows:

GRAND PRIZE: 1 x Kindle Touch plus winners choice of two (2) ebooks from our backlist at Amazon

12 x Second Place prizes – each winner will receive a randomly chosen ebook from our back-list at Amazon

All you need to do is fill out the information below and you will have a one in five chance of being a winner.

The thirteen (13) winners will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday 8th July. Don’t forget to bookmark Oh My… emagazine to read later on and keep an eye out for the week with them as they celebrate the start of their Erotica section, as it will be featuring posts from a few of our authors and the NNP team.
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Angels vs Demons blog hop.

Now there are including our blog–103 bloggers involved. That is 103 chances to win yourself something exciting PLUS 103 chances to be in the running for the Grand Prizes that are on offer, courtesy of Carrie Ann Ryan – paranormal author,  with this particular blog hop.

What you need to do if you wish to be in the running is leave your name, email address and a comment at the end of this post for the chance to win either a Kindle Touch or a $60 Gift Certificate from either Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Then what you do is go around to all the other blogs and repeat the process but don’t forget to enter the individual contests and give-away’s being held on the participating blogs.

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Angels vs. Demons Blog Hop