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It is with great delight that we have with us today, an
author who is burning up the charts with her newest book, Seeing

Abby Hayes has come a long way since our first
with her back in December 2011, when her first novel Finding
was released.

Abby has also thrilled the readers and made them weak at the
knees with her short stories that have appeared in the following anthologies
through Naughty Nights Press. There was A
Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve
, Campus
and Spontaneous

And for a truly special treat, we will be giving away a copy of SEEING RED to one lucky reader. 

Please follow the instructions at the bottom of the excerpt to find out how you enter.

NNP: Wow Abby, when you see how many stories you have had
published so far with Naughty Nights Press, how does it make you feel?

Abby: It is indescribable really. When an author friend read
my story, Finding Paradise, and told me it was good enough to be published, I
was doubtful. But, my friend was right thankfully, and it has been one very
quick, very wild ride since. I still haven’t quite adjusted, but I just can’t
stop smiling.
NNP: Now can you tell the readers a bit about Seeing Red and
what inspired you to write it?

Abby: Well, I have signed a contract with NNP to write
several themed stories  and Valentine’s
Day was one of them. Thinking about the holiday, I decided I wanted to take a
divided stance, one of an anti-Valentine’s person verses one who secretly loves
the day, or well loves love. I also wanted to take that anti anger and use it
to make a hot storyline with one dominant woman who takes sexual control over
two other women and two men. It was a whole lot of fun to write!
NNP: Seeing Red is available on the Kindle KDP program, can
you explain to everyone what this means please?

Abby: Sure! It is a special program that Amazon offers where
if your book is an exclusive title there for three months, it gets special
promotion of being offered as a free download for three days. As a new author,
I can’t tell you how exciting it was to watch my story climb the charts and be
downloaded by so many people.
NNP: I understand you received a ranking on the first three
days, what was the highest ranking you got and how did it make you feel?
Abby: Again, indescribable. I took several screen shots each
time it reached a new high in a new country.
LOL Couldn’t help myself. I
totally understand checking your Amazon ranking hourly or more now!
NNP: Do you think that by participating in the Kindle KDP
that it affords readers from all over the world a better chance at getting to
know your style of writing?
Abby: Absolutely. Nearly a thousand potential new readers
downloaded my story, and as I watched this happen I noticed jumps in my Finding
Paradise release rankings from December as well.
NNP: What’s next for Abby Hayes?
Abby: So much thanks to the owner of NNP, Gina Kincade.  After reading my Finding Paradise submission
I was blown away by her faith in me, even when mine has faltered. I have three
more novellas, two more holiday themed novelettes and several more shorts in
the NNP anthologies coming yet in 2012!
Thank you once again Abby for joining us here today, I
always love chatting with you and I believe you are on here again with your
monthly guest post on Tuesday, so can’t wait to read what you have to say.

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Seeing Red by Abby Hayes


years ago when she opened her bar, Rage on the Water, her boyfriend at
the time, a guy she thought she would spend the rest of her life with, dumped
her that year on Valentine’s Day. Never a big fan of the holiday before, she
now loathes it. Having gone through a bit of a wild phase these past years, she
has given up dating altogether. Instead, she’s been exploring her wilder side,
one where her kinks and more wanton interests prevail, in her apartment above
the bar with a guy friend and at times, others he invites in.
year on Valentine’s Day though, a conversation with her long time guy friend
with benefits, Mark, lands her in a situation beyond any she has experienced
before. There will be two men and two women for her to play dominatrix with. While
ignoring Mark’s changing intentions toward her, like his invitations to go on
an actual date, it being Valentine’s Day, she’s more than a bit excited to
spank a few asses.
Tonight Shannon has four bodies
to play with, but Mark’s are unnerving her. She goes with each whim of her body
and mind, but will they expose her? Will she be able to still play her role
well? Or will she give in to all that scares her? With bodies exposed, asses
red, it is truly her heart on the line…


“Do your worst,
Ms. Shan. Please.” His attempt at forcing his facial muscles to stop the grin
was pathetic, and she couldn’t stop her own laugh. Again, the tight cord inside
her loosened a touch. She pushed back her shoulders, reached out and unbuttoned
and unzipped his jeans. Commando as usual, his cock popped out. To touch it now
would give him pleasure, so she decided to withhold her urge to grab it, take
it in her mouth and maybe even bite the yummy looking piece of meat. She
stepped behind them all again, admired the four bodies a second, then yanked
Mark’s jeans down. They bunched up around his thighs, bared his rock hard ass,
nice full globes a beautiful shade of red and which were about to become
redder. He’d had his breather.
She grabbed the
leather paddle, quick to bring it against Mark’s now bare ass. Each smack of
leather against skin, each mark it brought out on this un-tanned part of his
flesh made her skin tingle. His ass cheeks clenched and relaxed, beyond hot.
Not able to help herself, she bent down and bit him, the red skin warm against
her lips. He let out a yelp of surprise maybe pain, and she giggled just a
He turned to
her, the way his face was scrunched up showing he was ready to play a little whoop
ass on her, some fun retribution. They’d done it before, quickly switched
roles. Had the situation been different she would have readily flipped the
switch tonight too she knew, the mood she was in, up and down and all over the
“Thank You Ms. Shan,”
he spoke her name through clenched teeth. The dark look behind his eyes, one
sexy, one devious, made that invisible cord threaded through her un-wind a bit
more, him wanting her. She could be honest enough with herself to know that she
wanted that.
“You’re welcome. I can tell by your
nicely formed erection, so hard, so red, the veins bulging…” She let the paddle
glide over the top of his hard on, watching his red ass clench then. “Hmmm, I
can see that you liked every minute of it. I’m all warmed up now and on to the
others. Stay erect, and I mean your cock and your back, while I work. Eyes
forward please. That means everyone, Scott.”