Naughty Nights Press is partying today over at The Romance Studio,

so if you want to come and chat with some of the authors, enter a
competition or two to win some hot erotic or horror e-books then
Author’s will be on the site at all hours of the day depending on
what time zone they are in and will be linking up some fantastic
blog posts they have written in the past that will intrigue and tease you.
Naughty Nights Press will be holding a competition and
there will be 3 lucky winners.
Each winner will win either a copy of
Danvers Asylum by Chrystian Marrero
or a copy of
Don’t Call Me Baby by Elizabeth Black
or a copy of
The Cabin by Nathanial Bosch.
Question will be going up soon, so don’t miss out on
your chance and the winner will be announced on 6th of November.
So what are you waiting for, come on over and party hardy with the NNP Family!