Naughty Nights Press is proud to announce the release today of the following books, just in time for Halloween!

Raging Shadows by Cassandra Dayne

Red Fire – Surrender by Cassandra Dayne

A Wicked & Wanto All Hallows Eve by 8 wicked and kinky authors

To purchase your own copies just click on the Smashwords button on the right here and it will take you straight to the Naughty Nights Press Smashwords page where all our books can be found.

If you would prefer to buy an Amazon Kindle version, then please just type in the name of the book in the search bar and click on the appropriate one and away you go.

Now please remember that if you would like to do a book review of Raging Shadows, Red Fire – Surrender, A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows Eve or any of our books you purchase, you can upload your review on either Smashwords or Amazon, depending on which one you bought through. If you have your own blog/web site please let us know you have done one. Also if you would like to do a review but you don’t have a blog or website, just contact Penny and she will be happy to post it for you on NNPReviews.

Have a totally Wicked & Wanton Halloween and don’t forget we are still holding our giveaway of a copy of A Wicked & Wanton All Hallows over at theNaughty Nights Press blog and you can also participate in the Bewitching Trick or Treat blog hop, meet some wonderful authors, play some games and win some truly spookeriffic prizes.