Naughty Nights Press blog is proud to debut Chit Chat and All That! A weekly event that will be happening every Monday.

Chit Chat and All That! will be where the authors and family of Naughty Nights Press get together and chat or debate over different topics.

This week we have Raymond Frazee and Tessa Wanton taking over the site, discussing a very intimate bedroom subject on how to introduce a D/s relationship when either or both of you have no experience and what the best ways are to entice your partner into trying something different.

Raymond and Tessa chat back and forth about different things and ideas and I am sure at one stage Raymond was deliberately trying to put Tessa off the topic.

So go over to our blog site and have a read, leave a comment and remember to come back again next week when we will have Dawne Prochilo and Ken Charles talking about Vanilla sex in the 21st Century.

All the best,

Penny Petersse,
Director of Marketing and Research
Naughty Nights Press (NNP) team